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  • Listening to: James Morisson
  • Reading: Y The Last Man
  • Watching: American Idol
  • Playing: DOTA
  • Eating: -
  • Drinking: a lot of milk
I definitely have to update my journal. :bored: It just that... I don't know what to write here. I'll report what I've been doing :

1. work
2. sleep
3. shop
4. update DA

Please check :iconartgerm: journal for more information on what IFS are doing right now.

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Best friend :
Actually this account is not made by Sami himSelf, It's a little present i made, Coz now, October 11th is His Birthday!!! Happy BirthDay Sami Basri...
Sami is a great friend with a Great piece of ArtWork, esp. with his skill in illustration & stuff...
Hope you can enjoy some of His Artwork (that i 'steal' from his friendster) Hahaha... Maybe tomorrow he will Submit his Own Artwork... Enjoy your Stay at Sami's Little House of ArtWork!!!

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